Hi all! I’m Gaby, another restless soul with that cliche dream of traveling around the world. I was born and raised in Honduras, graduated in Advertising, started a business at 25 (first cold-pressed Juicery in Honduras), got married, moved to LA, became a chef, and was happy. Just when my life was settling down, my husband went from lawyer to  diplomat overnight, and took me and our two cuddly shih tzus to Brazil so now I had to settle in all over again. The first couple of months in Brazil were tough, to be honest. I didn’t have any friends, and since I didn’t speak Portuguese, didn’t know how to make any! I was just out of my comfort zone and feeling depressed.
Luckily, I have a wonderful husband that helped me adjust, make new friends (mostly Expats), and start enjoying all the wonderful things about Brazil…but he also started planning little trips to spend time together. One great trip led to another and before I knew it, I felt an itch I needed to keep scratching. More romantic weekend gateways, more bucket list trips checked off, more fabulous restaurants to savor,  and more interesting people and cultures to soak in. As I posted about these adventures in my Instagram, friends and family started messaging me for tips and all-around vacation planning. I didn’t know it yet but Gabyoverseas had just been born!

I created this blog to share my love for travel and passion for great food and exciting cultures around the world … I have visited more than 30 countries so far around the world and I live for planning trips to just about every place one can imagine. My idea is to take you along with me and experience it all together – the good, the bad, and the ugly (but mostly GOOOD) of traveling, eating, drinking, and loving this world of ours.

I’m still not sure how this whole instalife and blogsphere thing works, much less if anyone will enjoy what I have to say but for now I’m rolling with it and I hope you will stick around for the ride! 

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