Brazil sao paulo

Helpful apps to survive São Paulo

Life in São Paulo can be overwhelming, especially for an expat, and even if that expat is from another big city. I once heard someone say that Sao Paulo combines the worst of New York and the worst of Los Angeles! Yet the fundamental challenge is always the same: a new culture, new food, new interactions, new styles, and most likely, new language…oh, and did I mention the traffic? Here’s a list of apps that helped me settle in find my groove, and just feel a tad like a local: 

Rappi: Imagine a personal assistant that delivers food from popular restaurants, supermarkets…even cold hard cash!! Sound good? Meet Rappi!

27160914749284-t1200x480Peixe Urbano: The Brazilian Groupon. Find discounts and coupons for various events, restaurants, flights, and more!

Unknown.jpgMary Help: Need a last minute nanny or cleaning lady? Mary Help will let you hire babas or empregadas by the hour.

moovit-aplicativo.jpgMoovit: Serves as a public transportation guide. When coosing your destination, you can follow the train and bus schedules through their map

logo_singu        Singu: Treat yourself to a massage, mani-pedi or wax in the comfort of your home with Singu. 

unnamed.png Shell Box: Ever forget to bring your wallet to the gas station? No, just me? Shell Box is here to save the day letting you pay via the app.

tem-fila-aplicativo Tem Fila: Going to hit a restaurant or a bar tonight without a reservation? Find out if you’ll have a wait with Tem Fila.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 10.20.09 PM Bike Sampa: Going green? Enjoy a bike ride with Itaú’s Bike Sampa. It has 2600 bicycles spread over 260 stations. The app has a handy tutorial in English.

ze-delivery-aplicativo.jpgZé Delivery: Have an impromptu party and need to stock up on beer? This app will delivery cold beers and other beverages in a jiff!

exwwn3g8jrqzxj1fbqdoDogHero: Need to walk your pooch but you have no time? Going out of time and dot have anyone to take care of your dog? DogHero lets you hire a dog walker or dog sitter with medical attention 24/7. 

246x0w.jpg Primeira Mesa: How about paying 50% of your dinner bill? This app will let you take advantage of the restaurants less busy times and offer you half off your bill. 

f.jpgMonefy: Not Brazilian but this app will help you keep your family’s finances in order.

unnamed.jpg  Lady Driver: Need a ride but don’t feel comfortable taking a cab or Uber? Lady Driver is an app for female passengers with female drivers. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 11.15.18 AMIngresso:  Need tickets for a movie, show or concert? Look no further!

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